Chip Select 0


in my hardware design based at Connect Core 9P I have got motor controll units at following address :

0x4000 0000 – 0x4FFF FFFF 256 cs[0] Chip select 0

To enable the these address I use the function customizeSetupCS0 in cs.c. I adjusted the values for the memory registers in NAStaticMemoryTable[] in bsp.c. I hope that was the right way.

Now I’m searching for a methode to put my values at these address lines to start, stop and control the motors. But I can not find any functions or APIs. Have someone an example!?

Thank you,


I tried following functions to write to the adress 0x4000000:

  • tx_byte_pool_create
  • tx_byte_allocate

With the first function I created a byte pool and with the second function I allocated the bytes from the pool. This works fine for addresses like 0x00050000. But it does not work for 0x40000000.

Have somebody an idea?!