"CK - Configuration Checksum" after reboot is always "0xFF"

Product family: XB3-24.
Function set: Digi XBee3 Zigbee 3.0 TH.
FW version: 1010 and 1013.

The value of the “CK” parameter is always “0xFF” after the module has been rebooted.

When any parameter is overwritten, the value of the “CK” becomes valid.
Below is the sequence of operations via XCTU: I read the “RP” parameter, the checksum was “0xFF”. Then I wrote the same value to “RP” and the checksum changed.


  1. Is the default “CK” value after reboot expected behavior?
  2. Can my workaround be considered a reliable solution to read the correct checksum value?

The goal is to check this value when XBee is first started, to start the profile configuration process if necessary.

The CK command is used for verifying the configuration files on the firmware are correct. The default of 0xFF is correct. It may change as the module associates and commands change values.

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