Xbee PRO S2C Zigbee module losses settings on Restart

Hi All,

I am using Xbee S2C Zigbee module. Module losses all settings (AT parameters) on restart of device (Power ON/OFF), even after writing into flash using ATWR command.

Firmware used is 401B. I know its bit outdated version, but I have few hundreds of devices with same fw in a running project and upgrading of fw cannot be a solution.

Much appreciated if you could help me in solving the same asap.

Mundhazir Latheef

Mundhazir, according to the release notes, this issue was resolved on the next release of the code. I don’t see how you have an option but to upgrade to resolve the issue.

Release Version:
401C - XBee ZigBee
Release Date:
ZigBee Stack:
EmberZNet 4.2 build 53 (GA, certified)

Bug Fixes:
Fixed flash WR issue, causing device to revert back to firmware defaults settings.

Thanks mvut for your prompt reply. However,upgrading entire zigbee module in a working project is nearly impossible.

Thanks again.

Well since the issue is within the firmware, your only other option is to write the settings to the module from your external process each time you power up.