Cloning RCM3110 to another one (We don't have the software)

We are working with Navy and they have problem with their Wind Turbine control board.

RCM3110 is controlling the pcb. The manufacturer company does not support for this turbine and one of the rcm3110 module is not working. We don’t have the software of the hardware. Is it possible to clone this software to another RCM3110? Or this board and turbin is completely trash?

All answers will be appreciated, thank you

You might be able to extract a .bin file using Dynamic C 9 and this program from the GitHub repository for DC9:

I would recommend doing initial testing with a spare RCM3110 to make sure you don’t accidentally overwrite the software on one of the working turbines.

Note that getting the firmware might not be enough to replace the damaged RCM3110. It’s possible that modules underwent a manufacturing/calibration process and contain additional data beyond the firmware.

If you aren’t comfortable attempting this yourself, you can contact me off the forums (I’m Tom at about hiring me to extract the firmware and look for other data stored on the module flash.