CM7100/CM7200 - BIOS or software needed

We have a legacy system that uses the CM7200 module in which we expect that the BIOS area in EPROM memory was corrupted. We are able to replace and program the flash chip or even replace the whole module (using series CM7100 instead of CM7200) but we cannot find bios file for either of these modules. According to the user manual, bios files are available in the Dynamic C BIOS subdirectory, which I expect that have to be the Dynamic C32 version as newer versions do not support these modules. Are you able to help to find these BIOS files or suggest where we can download Dynamic C32 software that supports CM7100/CM7200 modules?

Contact Digi support and they will send you DC32.

I have a copy of the bin file for both the
CM71XX & CM7200. If you still need a copy please email me at claudef at I’ll be happy to send you a copy.