Command line device discovery?

I need a windows command line version of the GUI device discovery tool. I need it for an automation program I am working on, to identify the correspondence of MAC address to IP address.

After searching the digi web site I have not found any place to download such a tool, but I have noticed references to a couple of tools in documentation: connectprog.exe and netosprog(?). Does anybody know if these will do what I want and if so, where I can get them?

We use PortServer TS 16s

Not sure if the ones you mentions would work. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try, but there is one called nmap that I believe should work.
Take a look at the link below:

I found the answer. I went to and found a file called ConnectProg.exe is in it, and it works:
“connectprog /discover” from the command prompt will return all the digis visible to the net you are on (works with wired connection only where I am). If you want to find a specific digi by MAC address, type:
"connectprog /discover | findstr "
It will return a line with the IP address and MAC address of the digi.
Note: you may have to run the tool more than once in order for all the digis to be returned.

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