communicating serial with xstick 802.15.4


My goal will be comunicate by a script c++ by the serial link with a xstick 802.15.4.

But I have a problem with my xstick 802.15.4 USB key. I can’t comunicate with a serial link.

If I use teratermpro with speed 9600 8N1 –> NOK
But XCTU with speed 9600 8N1 –> OK

Have you an explanation?

Thanks for your response.


You can do one thing, open the USB serial port with the post name as COMx if you are using windows platform, where x would te USB serial port number. And after successful operation close it. You need to do serial port programming to communicate with X-Stick and you need to have USB vertual serial port drivers installed on your PC to communicate with X-Stick. Once this is done you can communicate with X-Stick either in API or AT mode as per the AP parameter set in the X-Stick using X-CTU software.


Yes, i want to communicate in mode AT with the xstick, but i can’t exchange with it.

It is my problem, i try to connect on my xstick by serial port COM3 with putty or teratermpro, but i have no response…?
If i use xctu, no problem, it’s OK.

If you have an idea… i take it! :slight_smile:


Did you finally find solution to communicate with your xStick ?