Communication problem between BL4S230 and XBee Pro USB adapter

XBee USB Adapter ZB(PRO S2B)
I program on BL4S230 board,send data from BL4S230 to XBee USB Adapter every 100mS.
The Problem is : the data stream paused frequently on USB Adapter side.
BL side XBee setting:
Command ATCH: 0x0E
Command ATID: 0x0123456789abcdef
Command ATOP: 0x0123456789abcdef
Command ATMY: 0x6BB0
Command ATSH: 0x0013A200
Command ATSL: 0x400A058D
Command ATNI: AT Run Once
Command ATBH: 0
Command ATNT: 60
Command ATSC: 0x1FFE
Command ATSD: 3
Command ATNJ: 255
Command ATJV: 0
Command ATAI: 0x00
Command ATPL: 0x04
Command ATVR: 0x2341
Command ATHV: 0x1903
USB Adapter side:
I tried to config USB Adapter to a coordinator(firmware 0x2141) but they can not recgnize each other.
I even use two USB Adapter ,one config as coordinator(0x2141firmware), the other config as router(firmware 0x2341),they still can not each other.
but I config one usb adapter as coordinator(firmware 0x21A7),the other usb adapter config as router(firmware 0x23A7),they and recgnize each other.

I check lib dir of dynamicC,there are only 0x21xx ,0x23xx and 0x29xx firmwares,no 0x20xx and 0x24xx firmwares
Can I get AT firmwares and newer version firmwares for BS4S230 board?