Compability issue related to RS485 adapter and programmable XBEE S2B?

I have for several years, used the RS485 adapters with xBee series 2 modules. When i lately tried to implement a new Xbee module S2B i could not get the interface working.
When i changed back to an older version of S2B it worked well.
In summmary i have to versions of xbee’s:
XBP24BZ7SIT-500J-revA (working ok)
XBP24BZ7SITB-003J-revL (not working, no signal at the rs485 port)
I assume the later one is a programmable version, even this is not clearly documented.

It should be mentioned that I struggled to upload firmware the programmable xbee, this problem seems to be connected to the bypass mode.
So my question is: are there any compability issues for XBEE RS485 adapters and xBee s2b versions.
(My RS485 adapter have PN: 50001382-07J)

Are you sure about there being a - between the 003 and the B?

You are right, the version is XBP24BZ7SITB003J-revL