replace module inside rs485 adapter ?


I actually using a rs485 adapter (XA-Z14-CS3P-W), with a 2.4GHz xbee module inside.

Can I replace the xbee 2.4Ghz module to a 868 MHz module (XBP08-DPSIT-024) ?

Can I keep the same network configuration I used with 2.4Ghz version?
(with X-CTU software)

I mean I will just change the “hardware layer”. My question is about the compatibility of the xbee module 2.4 Gz and 868MHz : pin to pin, configuration…


Hello Loic,

My answer would be “Yes”, check both modules pinout and they should be compattible. The problem migth be the firmware they run, and if there is a compatible one in the 868 modules. Tell us more if you are still into this project! Best regards,