Configuration Settings Help - XT09-MI & SI

I’m setting up the XTend Development Kit to transmit RS232 data from a load cell to a PC in the shop. The load cell’s serial comms settings are 115200 8N1. The PC uses a USB to serial converter with it’s settings at 9600 8N1 in windows device manager (the PC software will automatically adjust the baud rate to 115200 when it opens).

So far I’ve not been able to create a successful connection via RF. The wired connection works correctly.
I have tried changing the pc’s serial baud rate from 9600 to 115200 but no luck. The range test works perfect using the loop back. I have tried changing baud rates for the radios and pc. In each case the range test works. The pc application can be set to auto connect to the load cell. I see the transmitting radio RxTx lights blinking - the receiving radios RSSI light up but I see no RxTx lights.

Questions I have about my settings are:

  1. Does ‘MY’ and ‘DT’ have to be set to unique values for each radio and it’s mate?
  2. Since my load cell not only receives data it also transmits data. Should I set the ‘TT’ value? I’m not sure If I have an issue with one radio constantly streaming data.
  3. In windows device manager, should I set the baud rate to match the connecting device or will the application auto baud the comm port be ok with the radios?
  4. Did I miss anything? Any suggestions to try?

Here is my config, this same file is loaded into both radios should I have two config files instead of one?


You can craete an Online Support Request at the following link, , Digi technical folks help you to solve the issue, If the issue is already solved, then please update in the forum, so that others can use your solution to solve their issue.