Configure asy 0 baud rate and flow control commands

I’m modifying the config.fac file on a transport wr21 so that when the factory reset is initiated, the modem is set back to a working config for my environment. I need to configure the serial port, ASY 0, to a baud rate of 38400 and no flow control. I can’t find a way to do it through a command. Can anyone help?

I don’t see any CLI commands that allow you to configure the Serial port beyond binding it. So no commands that I can see for configuring it via a CLI interface.


If you are using the factory reset option this copies the fac files over this includes the sregs.fac to sregs.dat

this hiolds the settings for the serial ports when the router is reloaded so you could set the serial port in the gui save and apply the profile

then you can copy sregs.dat to sregs.fac then when the router is factory reset then it should have the serial 0 set to what you want .

another way is to force the router to change the port speed when it boots this can be done by executing an at command to change the modem setting

at=s31;&k0 this would set speed and flow control when connected to the serial interfase.

to carry this out on boot

add this line to the configuration file

cmd 0 autocmd at=s31;&k0

this should set the serial 0 to this speed

if you want to change another port say 1

cmd 1 autocmd at=s31;&k0

there is a load of information on using at commands in this document


0 Auto-detect
1 Reserved
2 Reserved
3 115200
4 57600
5 38400
6 19200
7 9600
8 4800
9 2400
10 1200
11 300


Where n =

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