Configure Synchronous Sleep on DigiMesh XTend

Currently my company uses the Digi XTend radios configured for point-to-point configuration, and I’m investigating their use in our mesh network. I’ve read the XTend Product Manual for the DigiMesh firmware, and there’s not much detail on the Synchronous Sleep mode.
How is Synchronous Sleep mode typically implemented using a XTend radio configured with the DigiMesh firmware? Does the user have control over how often the radios try to emerge from sleep? Is the Shutdown feature that’s in the point-to-point firmware supported by the DigiMesh firmware? What command(s) do I use? The manual mentions pressing a button to change the mode - is this the only way to change the sleep mode?
I’m referencing the XTend RF Module product manual supporting DigiMesh firmware 8x6x. Have I overlooked something in the manual?

I received this response from Digi. It turns out that the Digi firmware doesn’t support sleep mode.

[i]Hello Sean,

The XTend radio can be flashed to Digimesh functionality using the X-CTU configuration software. Unfortunately, due to memory size constraints, sleep modes are not available on the Digimesh version of the XTend. The Shutdown pin is still operational but there is no sleep mode and no synchronized wake/sleep cycle.

We do have another long range 900Mhz option with the XbeePRO900HP. This module has the full mesh and sleep capabilities. It is not over-the-air compatible with the XTend. More information can be found here:

Thank you for contacting Digi and please let us know if you have further questions.


Digi Technical Support[/i]