Configure Xbee in API Mode (Program Modem to AT Mode)

Hello All,

I have configured Xbee in API Mode.

Baud rate : 9600
COM Port : Serial COM1
“Test/Query” : OK

I am not able to Configure it with XCTU
Read/Write Modem : Failed to enter command mode
Error : Action Required Dialogue doesn’t disappear.

I want to change modem configuration & Program it with AT Mode.

Can you please help ?


Hello Again,

I have checked again with another Xbee Base Module.
Test/Query is ok.

XCTU shows COORDINATOR AT Version - 1020 & ROUTER AT Version - 1220 in Modem Config

Reading Module parameters gives OK result in XCTU.
But, doesn’t show Modem Type,Function Set & Version.

Writing any value gives error : Getting modem type…OK
Programming modem…Lost communication with modem
Write Parameters…Failed.

Also, Terminal shows - Echo for any typed char.

Interesting info is that :
For 1st Xbee => LED Blinks 2 times per second (I think its Router)
For 2nd Xbee => LED Blinks 1 time per second (I think its Coordinator)

What can i check for communication in this 2 Xbee ?