Configuring 2 radios to pass DIO

I was wondering if anyone cut help me…

My Modem is 2 x XBP24-ZB Serie 2

My idea is to set up two radios so that pin signals (high or low) from one radio will be passed to the other.

But in the last days i try ed to set up this with no luck, it is my first time with Xbee models and with X-CTU so i think the problem is mee :o).

So what did i do

Modul 1 with following config

COORDINATOR AT firmware 2064
AD1/DIDO1 to 5
IR to 0
IC to FF

Modul 2 with following config

ENDDEVICE AT firmware 2864
AD1/DIDO1 to 3
IR to 0
IC to FF



The issue you are experiencing is a result of the module not supporting this function. To perform Direct DIO line passing, you need to use the 802.15.4 modules instead. Otherwise you need to use over the air commands to adjust a DIO line on the ZB modules.

Tanks for the answer, now i will order some new modem can you tell me what model i have to buy, and the configuration i have done can i use that for the other modem or i that different??


Wish this was clear when I purchased my “Series 2” modules :-<

Tiak, I would recommend contacting Digi Sales directly to find out what product are best for the application.

The part number of the radios that will perform an IO line pass is XB24-A(x)I-001. These are the Series 1 radios.

Thanks for the help…

And gworle just what i need :o)

Workaround found.

For my EM-406a GPS receiver, it turns out the solution was simpler than I ever imagined. Instead of using the DIO pin, attach it to the RX pin of the Xbee. Not sure why I thought DIO was needed. Perhaps the Arduino connection threw me off.