Conflict between brdInit and http_handler?

I have an RCM4010 Board with Dynamic C Version 10.05.

I use TCPCONFIG set for 3 (DHCP).

When I use network examples that are pure network stuff, the communication is fine. HTTP, TELNET, UDP examples all work, ping works.

When I use hardware examples that are pure hardware examples, every thing is fine. Lights blink, buttons work etc.

The instant that I introduce brdInit(); to a network example, the program stops communicating.

A specific example is SAMPLES\RCM4000\TCPIP\BROWSELED.C.

If I change TCPCONFIG from the original value of 1 to 3, and compile the program, one LED comes on, as it should, under program control. The page does not load, and the board does not respond to ping.

If I comment out the brdInit(); line and recompile, the page loads on the browser, I can change the lights on the screen and list the source code, but the actual LEDs on the board are off in the beginning and stay off independent of what the web page indicates they should be.

I am puzzled at what is happening. I looked at the RCM40XX.LIB and the code seems innocent to my simple mind.

Does anyone have a solution? I would rather not start taking snippets of the library code and pasting it into the program in place of the brdInit function.

WrPortI(PEDDR, &PEDDRShadow, PEDDRShadow | 0xEF); // set all bits to output

This is the line of code in RCM40XX.LIB that kills the Ethernet. When it is commented out, the example works properly. I do not know if something else is now broken.