problem with brdInit();

hi all
when i have only sock_init()
(without brdInit(); before that) then when i shut down the rabbit and turn on the rabbit again i always success to connect to the rabbit card (in tcp/ip) .
but when i insert the brdInit(); command before the sock_init()
after i shutdown and turn on the rabbit card it sometimes connect successfuly and sometime its not.

anyone know why?

i try with pingme but when i add brdinit(); it do the same

 * Configuration                   *
 * -------------                   *
 * All fields in this section must *
 * be altered to match your local  *
 * network settings.               *
 * Please see the function help (Ctrl-H) on TCPCONFIG for instructions on
 * compile-time network configuration.
#define TCPCONFIG 1
#define _PRIMARY_STATIC_IP  ""
#define _PRIMARY_NETMASK    ""
#define MY_GATEWAY          ""
#define MY_NAMESERVER       ""

 * End of configuration section *

#memmap xmem
#use "BLxS2xx.lib"
#use dcrtcp.lib

void main()
	// Start network and wait for interface to come up (or error exit).
   for (;;) {