Confused about Multi Host Connections

I’m confused about the USBAnywhere 5 gen2. I am unable to get Multi-Host connections. But in the manual (Chapter 9) it clearly states that this is possible.

Excerpt from the manual:
“Multi-Host Connections
This chapter describes the Multi-Host Connections feature which is available on the AnywhereUSB/14 and the AnywhereUSB/5 MHC.”

What is the AnywhereUSB/5 MHC? Is that the same as a AnywhereUSB/5 gen 2?

Could someone clarify this?

The AnywhereUSB/5 G2 MHC doesn’t exist. There were (and still are) plans to make that product, but it was apparently put on hold for some reason, so that’s why it was prematurely mentioned in the manual.

That product will be removed from the manual soon to avoid future confusion.

The AnywhereUSB/5 G2 (a different product that does exist now) does not support MHC (multi-host connections). It’s essentially a newer version of the legacy AnywhereUSB/5 (which connects all 5 USB ports to a single host PC) that has a newer chipset which offers improved performance, a web user interface and telnet interface.

Ok, thanks for the quick response. You have cleared my confusion. Yet it raises another question.

Why buy a more expensive AnywhereUSB/5 if it essentially is the same as the AnywhereUSB/2, as I can add extra ports to the AnywhereUSB/2 by attaching a USB Hub?

That’s probably a better question for our sales or marketing team but I’ll do my best to answer it, considering I’m a support guy.

USB hubs are compatible with all model AnywhereUSBs, so it’s true that you can “exploit” this by using an AWUSB/2 with a regular USB hub.

One reason you might not want to go that route is because you’re adding another point of failure (the USB hub). Also, support options on 3rd party USB hubs may be limited compared to Digi (if you were just using an AWUSB/5).

The choice is yours though.

My confusion is back. There realy seems to be a AnywhereUSB/5 with mult-host connections. Look at this:

Why isn’t that listed on your site?

Hey JoopI, The link says the tiem is not available, can you update the link please?

New link:

or do a Google search for : AW-USB-5M-W

To the best of my knowledge, Digi has not yet released the AnywhereUSB/5 G2 MHC.

I cannot offer much feedback on your link to that distributor. You are more than welcome to contact them and try to order the device, but I’m doubtful it would result in anything. It’s my best guess that they prematurely started offering that product, but it actually does not exist.

AnywhwereUSB/5 G2 is different from AnywhereUSB/5M
AnywhwereUSB/5 G2 does not provide multi host connection.
AnywhereUSB/5M provides Multi-host connection