Connect a aqua device to digi S2C

make a network with digi sc2 a controller and aqua door censor as end device

1 digi connection

digi sc2 version 3 connected via an esp32 tx=tx rx=rx reset esp32=low

2 set digi to default value
3 write setting to digi
4 reconnect (now at 9600)
5 set form a network CE=1 and ID=444
6 write

7 discover network nodes on the same network
(trying to find and connect aqua door connector)

8 reset the qua door connector at the same time
(made sure that the device did not fall asleep during the search.

9 expected result connection of the aqua door connector

actual result
No devices found.

Question: how do I connect the two devices?
I read the XCTU manual.

Ps the aqua door sentor connects perfectly to a homey controller
picture available : no upload possiblity

You need to set the modules ZS and AP commands to non defaults values. You also need to know what ZDO frames to issue to get the device to connect/associate and respond.

Thank you for your reply,

I immediately tried ZC=1 and ZC=2 with AP=1.
But with no result.

What is ZDO frames?

Are there written sample settings of the parameters?
Is there a pdf or page with explination?


You are going to need to first contact the manufacture of the Aqua door sensor first to find out what protocol or standard it runs on.

Then you can adjust the XBee accordingly provided it is one of the Zigbee standards.

There is an example of what ZDO frames look like in the XBee S2C Zigbee product manual.