join a network

I want the digi SC2 to connect to an existing RF network.

The digi xbee3 sc2 is connected through a esp32 and connects through XCTU just fine.

objective: Join a existing Zigbee network

  1. set digi sc2 xbee to default
    set CE=0
    set ID=0
    set AP=1
    switch to networking mode
    scan the radio network

error discovering neighbors of 0013!20041C195D0
can not find the local device (same number) address
Remove it from the radio module list on the left and add it again
(retrying this does not help)
The number is the MAC of the digi module)

Question: Steps to connect to an existing network as an router

The Digi XBee 3 and Digi XBee S2C are different products. They are not the same.

You need to set the ZS parameter to the proper value for the XBee to connect to a 3rd party network or device.

thank you for your answer.
with I ZS=2 I found the Controller on the network once.
but I did not know what to do next.

Can you give a link to sample documentation of this subject?