Connect cc9p 9360_3 reset to factory default without knowing the user name or password?

Connectcore cc9p 9360_3 382-0643 00-04 F3-00 5E-22
9p module has serial, USB and ethernet ports, no wifi.

This module will not reset via the reset switch.

I do not know the user name or password. I can get to the log-on screen in Telnet.

How can I reset to factory defaults without knowing the log-on name or password?

Default user and password:
user is “root”
password is “password”

I cannot get access using the default username and password. None of the log-ins I have used with this 9360 device in the past work at present.

I can ping the ip address and see the device.

I need a way to connect without the user name and password so I can reset the device.

I can telnet to the device, see the log-in prompts, but cannot connect…

How do I reset?