Cannot reset Connect EZ device to factory

Purchased industrial serial server EZ04-IA00-EXT
During the initial configuration the default password has been changed and forgotten later.

Trying to reset device to the factory settings with no luck. Used reset button according to the manual:
Boot the device, push reset button for a few seconds (or longer, does not make any difference). Having ping running and it never stops. Device suppose to reboot itself after button release but it does not. Power cycle manually, still nothing, password on a sticker does not work.

Feels like Erase button does not do anything.

Any suggestions?

@omaltsev it sounds like you did the Erase via the Reset button correctly.

Did you also try doing an Erase from the Web Dashboard of the device, under System → Configuration, Configuration Maintenance and selecting Erase Configuration?

Hopefully you can erase the configuration via Configuration Maintenance, but if it seems like the Reset switch on your device is defective, you’ll want to contact Technical Support about that so we can setup an RA for you.

Thanks Michael. To use configuration maintenance I’d need to login to the device which I can’t do since the password has been lost. I’d try technical support