Why is the digi industrial gateway factory reset not working?


In the “Digi XBee® Industrial Gateway” User Guide, section: “Restore XBee Industrial Gateway factory defaults” on page 150 I read:

“On the front of the XBee Industrial Gateway device, press the pin in the pinhole for ten seconds to return the device settings to factory defaults.”

I do just that and nothing happens whatsoever. Fearing that the button was too small and maybe I would be hitting the PCB I opened it up and pressed the button directly and still nothing happens.

I have also logged into the remote manager to be sure that the button is enabled for factory reset. The configuration says:

“Default button, per Digi product specification”

Which I think means that the button will be factory reset. I have also made sure that the number of seconds that the button has to be pressed is 10.

What else do I need to do to factory reset the gateway? I have searched for the option in the embedded webserver and the remote manager but I can’t find it.


You need to make sure you are holding it in till the lights flash. Then release it. Note that this will not factory reset the XBee module or remote any of the Python files you have installed. It will only reset the network functions to defaults.

Really? That’s a pretty useless factory reset. Isn’t it there something I can do to leave it on a fresh-out-of-the-box state?

Sure, don’t load anything on it. Think of it this way, if you spent time creating an application, did custom configurations to the device and then sold it as a component on a complete system. Would you want the end user to have the ability to “Factory default” part of that system so that it no longer works with your End product thus causing a Phone call or truck roll on your part to resolve the issue? I know I would not.