Zigbee Adapter 4 Button Commissioning Resets All Settings

I’d like to send a Zigbee analog adapter to a customer with pre-configured settings (P0=4, D7=5, P2=5, etc.).

The issue is, when the customer gets the adapter, they will have to do a 4 button press in order to associate the device to their coordinator. The 4 button press wipes out all the setting back to default.

Is there any way to identify the adapter with a new coordinator and not wipe out all the settings?

You can associate your ZigBee Analog Adapter with the Connect Port X4. andcan load the python code in to the CP-X Gateway.

Through the the Python Code you can set the above configuration after establishing a network.

the following link may help you to design your Python code…
Try… this:


You can also issue a Global Network Reset (ATNR1) from a Router or the Coordinator and then Power off the adapter. By doing this, you will cause the Nodes in the network to leave but retain their settings.

Give this a try - it allows changing the ‘factory defaults’:


I tried the method you described below, but it didn’t work for me. We have an application where we are using the XBEE XB24-ZB modules on a device with no user interface, just a button.

I modified the .PRO file with D instead of an A on the 3 parameters I need to survive the 4 button presses. I loaded that into a module and it joined the correct PAN. Then I pressed the commissioning button 4 times. It removed itself from the PAN, but when I read out the parameters with X-CTU the 3 parameters didn’t default to the ones I set in the .PRO file, but to the original default values.

Did I miss something?


Maybe not - I have had guarded responses to my comment about changing [A] to [D]. The XBee folk won’t admit or deny that it works, but launch off into many scenarios where it works and some where it doesn’t.

I’ve had luck with the [D} surviving the reflash, but rarely use the 4-button press since we have from 10 to 30 coordinators per frequency, so it has no value for me.

There is an official, undocumented AT command which can be used to make true custom-factory settings, but I don’t know what it is.

Maybe someone else will volunteer the value?