factory setting reset xbee 802.15.4 hardware circuit design

I am lazy to use X-CTU reset button or terminal program to issue “ATRE” to factory reset the radio. I want to enable a factory setting reset on any XBee radio module by using a push button.

Imagine the XBee module is sit inside an enclosure like the Digi XBee sensor does, how to design a push button to reset the factory settings on the XBee?

There is a push button on the XBee sensor but I don’t quite understand how it works. Push 4 times to restore the settings.

Anyone kind to share here in Digi forum?

The function or button you are referring to is called the Commissioning button. The function you are referring to exists within the radios firmware when the D0 command is set to a value of 1. What it does is tells the radio to issue an ATRE, WR, CN when the module sees the line change states within a given time frame.

That function also only exists in specific radios and not all and can be disabled in firmware.

Simply put, there is not a pin level Factory reset function that exists on All Xbee modules.