Is there a method to force a factory reset (button push) on connectport X4. it is in an endless loop of boot/restart.

Is there a push button code (as zigbee wall router) for the mechanical pushbutton that can be used to clear all code python etc, and restart the X4.
It is in an endless loop of boot- reboot. with no connectivity to the ethernet port. The Discovery tool can’t find it.

Yes, there is reset button on the side of the panel.
Follow the below steps to restore the device settings to factory defaults.

  • power off the device
  • press and hold the reset button with non conductive material which is not sharp
  • the status LED’s blinks in the pattern of 1-5-1
  • after 30 secs release the reset button
  • On some models the status LED blinks in the pattern of 1-1-1

But you can just reboot the device to get rid of python program.