Connect ME on router port configuration

I was wondering if anyone can help me with a router configuration. I have an ethernet device, a Digi Connect Me embedded ethernet stack. I can set the IP, subnet, gateway, etc on this device. It has a web serverver and telnet, and FTP capabilities. What I want to do is connect the device to a WRT54GS router to one of the ports on the back. I then want to connect the routers internet connection to my local LAN. On that LAN I have a PC that I want to use to access the Digi device’s web page via the router. The LAN has assigned the PC an IP of and has assigned the router an intenret IP of The PC is set to dynamically set an IP. I have configured the Digi device to have an IP of I want to open a web page on the PC and connect to the digi device. I cannot get this to work. I have tried adding the IP of the Digi device to the DMZ of the router, but that did not help. How can I route from the PC through the LAN, through the router, to the port that the Digi is connected to? All help is apprecieated!

For help with Linksys router configuration, I would contact linksys or see if they have any docs on their website. You may be able to do some port forwarding, but again, that’s a router specific setup.

I did and they were able to help me. Thanks.