Connect ME -S Will it work for me?

Hi everyone. This is my first post to this forum and am actually very new to understanding this incredible device they call Connect ME. I have ordered a few devices… The S version. I understand that i can send Emails through this device, but what i would really like to know is if i can use the post command and POST a string of data to a remote server’s CGI bin for further processing. Is this possible with the (S) version and is anyone doing this?
Thanks in advance for all advice

No one answered, so I will try.

The -S version is identical with the -C except that the -S has an emergency recover function in case the module gets messed up.

As for your question, to do a custom action like that, get the Development kit and you can do anything. I don’t know much about the Integration kit which just supports precompiled web pages (I think), but it sounds like you want something a bit fancier than that.



This may be something you can do using a Java applet with the -S module.

Another option might be the .NET Micro Framework version which is just being launched. It used C# and Visual Studio for the tools.

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Hey Guys,

From what I’ve heard, the .NET image is pretty spartin and doesn’t do emails. It sounds like it’s only serial, network, and GPIO’s.

I’ve done a little bit of stuff with applets in the integration kit. There is an email feature in the webUI but I think it only works with SNMP. You could setup traps that use email and then load an applet into the modules filesystem and have it come up as the default webpage.