ConnectCore 9M 2443 memory bus speed

Does anyone know how fast the memory bus is? I can only find a reference to its maximum speed being 133MHz but no information on what it’s actually set to on the dev board.



When you say “the dev” board, do you have additional memory you’ve installed on the dev board?

If not, it’s probably still 133MHz.

On Boot, my module states:

U-Boot 1.1.6 (Feb  2 2010 - 17:21:38 - GCC 4.3.2) DUB-RevF4
for ConnectCore 9M 2443 on Development Board

DRAM:  64 MB
NAND:  128 MB
CPU:   S3C2443@534MHz
       Fclk = 534MHz, Hclk = 133MHz, Pclk = 66MHz

I don’t know yet if it changes elsewhere on startup.


Hi, I’ve moved on from this now but thanks for your reply all the same.

No problem.

If I may ask, did you figure it out or just give up on the 2443? I have some pretty fundamental questions that are lacking in the 2443 datasheet and Digi support either can’t answer or wants me to buy a support license for information commonly found in competing vendor’s MCU datasheets.

Just wondering – thanks!


Hi, I think I worked out to a fair degree what the setting was by looking at the evaluation module datasheet and checking which pins were held in what state; these pins would be the ones used for CPU frequency. I vaguely remember that the processor speed seemed to be set by a hard wiring of a pin to ground or high.



BTW, consider changing the original post subject to include “SOLVED” or something to let people know. I know I look at those when searchin for solutions.