Connecting Digi Wi-SP to an iPhone

I’m trying to connect a Digi Connect Wi-SP to an APPLE iPhone.

The Digi is configured to connnect to any available wireless network as opposed to just Infrastructure or AdHoc mode.

I can get the Digi to connect to the iPhone in AdHoc mode, but only if the Digi has first been connected to another device, such as a laptop computer, in AdHoc mode. Then when I disconnect the laptop from the Digi and power it down, the Digi does not go back into discovery mode. The green Link LED continues to flash once every 5 seconds as though it’s still linked to something in AdHoc mode. I have confirmed that it is not still connected. But, it’s from this point that I can connect to the iPhone.

However, if I cold start the Digi and try to connect with the iPhone, the iPhone will not discover or see the Digi and no connection is possible.

The iPhone is very limited in manual settings. I can enter the SSID, and security if used, and tell it to search for that network. But that’s the limit.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Once a wireless device joins an adhoc network, it’s very difficult to tell if the device(s) on the network have dropped, so it will just stay on the ad hoc network. Try setting up the Wisp to create it’s own adhoc network, and specify the channel you want to use along with the SSID. Also, make sure you’re running the latest firmware.

i want develop a system that permit connect the arduino to a PC and an iPhone at the same time. In other words, i don’t want any physical connection, only wireless. I’m not sure if is possible because i think that 802.15 and 802.11 work in diferentes frequences.
For exemple, create a small program in android to re-programing arduino, by wireless, not bluetooth.

Can you help me?