How to first connect to Digi WI-ME PN: 50000880-15

We’ve received those new equipment but I don’t know where even start.
Can’t find a serial port or a RJ45.
Since I don’t have access to the device. I’m not able to connect it to any wifi.
as troble shoot I’ve tried.

Create a AD-Hoc connection on a laptop:
ssid: Connect
Security: none

arp, nmap or digi-discovery-device. Can’t find it.

Is there any other way to get access to first configuration on that device?
After reset, will that device connects automatically to the SSID: Connect ?

Download Device discovery which uses addp to look for DHCP address that has been assigned to unit by a DHCP server. You will need a DHCP wifi router with open encryption in same network as your pc in order to see the unit with Device Discovery. Give the unit a few minutes to power up and communicate with dhcp server, make sure this server is within the unit’s range. For further instructions please go to the User’s manual starting on page 22.

Also, see the Knowledgebase for Device Discovery utility and how to download it.

hope this helps.