Once I have hooked up a Digi Connect Wi-SP to my PC using Hyper Terminal, how do I associate the Wi-SP to my home WiFi?

I used to set up my Digi Connect Wi-SP for Ad-Hoc networks but with the latest firmware I know it is not possible any more, so what is the procedure to hook up the Wi-SP to any WiFi access point?
I have hooked up the Wi-SP using a serial cable to my PC with Hyper Terminal, so I can read the default configuration.

Here is a knowledge base on the Digi Support site that may be helpful


Thank you for your quick answer.
I reset the Wi-SP, this is what I get with a “disp wlan”:
State: scanning
Channel: 0
BSSID: 00:00:00:00:00:00
tx rate: 0 Mbps
rx signal strength: 45% (-63dBm)
authentication: open system
encryption: open system
I tried to assign a SSID to the Wi-SP (set trace SSID Connect). This is not working as I expected because of the new firmware with no ad hoc network possibility.
Being impossible to set up the SSID, how the Wi-SP is going to associate with the WAP?