Connection between XBee smt and XBee S1

Hello, I am a new user in this forum, and I have some problems with my Xbee modules…

I buy 4 xbee:
-2 smt XBee S2C connect with a RS232
-2 traditionnals XBee S1 connect with a XBIB.

I can connect the smt between themself and the S1 too.
But when i want to connect a SMT XBee with a S1 XBee, it don’t works.

For the modem configuration:
for the smt it’s XB24C (v 401E)
and for the S1, XB24 (v10E6)

It’s possible to connect their?
What modem xbee i should use?

Thanks in advance! and sorry for the english translation ^^’


This won’t work. S2 and S1 chips are not intercompatible, and can not even run the same protocol stacks:

S1 = Freescale chip - 802.15.4, DigiMesh 2.4 only
S2, S2B, S2C = Ember variants - ZigBee, Smart Energy only

Any one protocol stack listed above is compatible ONLY with itself, none of the others. ZB to ZB, 802.15.4 to 802.15.4, etc.

As far as conversion goes, some 802.15.4 S1 modules can be converted to DigiMesh 2.4 but not others. Guidance can be found here for which modules will support the DM conversion:

If you need Mesh capabilities, Series 1 is a great option. You can flash DigiMesh firmware to the S1 radios.