"Connection Refused" on TCP port when Digi ONE SP received data on serial port.


I made a program under Linux that makes a connection on the TCP port 2101 of my DIGI ONE SP, to receive data from sensors.

All works well, except that when the digi is receiving data on serial port, my connection is refused by the DIGI …

When DIGI is not receiving serial data, I can connect, and then I received data, as expected.

Is there someone that experimented this type of behavior ?
Is there a solution to get a connect even if tha digi is receiving serial data ?

Thanks for any help.

Below is my digi configuration :

Digi One SP Version 82000774_U2 02/25/2009

set config dhcp=off
set config myname=“” domain=“”
set config ip= submask=
set config gateway=
set config realport=771 sockets=2000 redirect=ignore tbreak=std
set config optimize=throughput
set keys prevcmd=^P nextcmd=^N forwchar=^F backchar=^B
set config boothost= bootfile=“” tftpboot=no
set config pmtelnet=off
set config rpexclusive=off
set config rpkeepalives=on
set config cache_dns=on
set ethernet speed=auto duplex=half
set config rarp=on
set config ping-arp=on
set web timeout=300
set profile range=1 profile=custom
set line range=1 parity=N csize=8 error=ignore
set line range=1 baud=115200 stopb=1 break=ignore inpck=off istrip=off onlcr=off otab=off
set flow range=1 ixon=off aixon=off ixoff=off ixany=off itoss=off altpin=off forcedcd=off
set flow range=1 dtr=off cts=off dcd=off dsr=off
set flow range=1 ri=off
set flow range=1 pre-delay=0 post-delay=0
set flow range=1 rts=off

set keys range=1 xon=^Q xoff=^S xona=^Q xoffa=^S lnext=^V

set port range=1 dev=prn sess=4 termtype=“vt100” edelay=1 auto=off bin=off
set port range=1 uid=none group=none dport=none
set port range=1 dest=none
set port range=1 scriptname=none
set port range=1 keepalive=off flushstchar=default autoservice=default
set port range=1 autodrain=off
set port range=1 idletime=0

set socketid range=1 state=off string=“SOCKETID”
set udpserial range=1 rmax=82 rtime=0 closetime=0 overflow=forward strip=off
set udpserial range=1 delimiters=
set udpdest port=1 range=1 ipaddr= ipport=2101 description=“dest1”
set secureaccess telnet=on
set secureaccess http=on
set secureaccess rlogin=on
set secureaccess rsh=on
set secureaccess realport=on
set secureaccess reversetcp=on
set secureaccess reversetelnet=on
set secureaccess lpd=on
set secureaccess addp=on

set logport ra=1 state=off
set logport ra=1 mode=syslog
set logport ra=1 udpport=514
set logport ra=1 rmax=1024
set logport ra=1 rtime=100
set logport ra=1 pri=134
set logport ra=1 strip=off
set logport ra=1 delim=“”
set sharing range=1 clients=1 control=shared timeout=0 wrpolicy=all

Have you tried enabling port sharing to allow more than one connection simultaneously?