Unable to communicate w a device using IP

Have Digi One SP setup to communicate with a serial device on my network. Successfully ping the IP but I’m unable to communicate with my device. Device does not come online thru my appl.
Please advise.

Here are my Digi One SP Configuration Management:

Port Profile: TCP Sockets
TCP Server: Raw TCP Port: 2101 (NOTE: Using 2101 as my port but its showing “Unavailable” in the Digi One SP Configuration Management)
TCP Client: Automatically establish TCP connections is checked; Connect To: Points to my IP; Service: Raw; TCP Port Number: 2101; Flush Start Character: Auto

Device Information:

Model: Digi One SP
Firmware: Version 82000774_V2 01/29/2013
MAC Address: N/A
CPU Utilization: 9%
Up Time: 18 days 16 hours 30 minutes 24 seconds


DHCP: Port; IP Address: Points to my IP; Host Name: This is blank

Network Diagnostics:

Network Protocols: Route Table

Serial Ports & Diagnostics:

Industrial Protocols; Port 1 (See below)

Profile TCP Sockets: Port Type: RS-232; Baud Rate: 1200 bps; Data Bits: 7; Parity: Even;
Stop Bits: 1; Flow Control: None

Signals DSR, DCD are both green

Services TCP Client: Available; All other services are Unavailable

If you have not already, I suggest raising a support case with Digi by emailing tech.support@digi.com

Be sure to include the serial number (or the MAC address if there is no serial number).