ConnectPort LTS 16 locking up after One Week?

Why are several of my ConnectPort LTS 16’s locking up after one week of operation? This happens when connected to a Windows 7 Enterprise host computer. The LTS can be pinged but all serial communication stops. A reboot of the LTS fixes the problem, but this problem persists and the box locks up a week later.

The ConnectPort LTS 16 has firmware revision and Windows Driver 4.5.372.0

A new firmware version has been released for this product. Could you please give this a try?

If the problem persists, you might want to consider contacting Digi Technical Support to pursue troubleshooting.

The release notes for this firmware release do not indicate anything specifically was done to address this lockup issue. Was something done specifically to address this problem>

The new firmware did not work. LTS lock up still lockup after a week on two platforms.

What Speed / Duplex setting are you using for the ethernet connection to the LTS?

I have seen some (similar) strange behavior when running Auto/Auto at both ends.

Current settings of Auto/Auto at the switch and 100/Full on the LTS seem to have fixed the problem.

You should contact Digi Tech. Support regarding this behavior.