ConnectPort/RealPort connected but not transmitting data

The ConnectPort is configured as RealPort and in my device manager (as well as Docklight to test):
Port 1 == COM1
Baud == 19200
Parity == None
DataBits == 8
StopBits == 1

Using an ethernet cable from my PC to the ConnectPort I am able to access the WebUI. The intention is to use it locally so one connection to my PC works as 16 connections, it doesn’t need to be over the network.

What is interesting is I can open a serial connection to COM1 with Docklight. Command is sent with no errors but no data is returned and does not make it to my device connected to the Digi ConnectPort by an RJ-45/DB-9M (P/N:76000240) cable.

To be clear I can talk to my device directly from USB/DB-9M and it receives commands fine. As soon as I try to utilize a RealPort COM port devices will no longer recieve a command.

I have been fighting this for over a week now so any input or advice will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Did you check the cabling and pin-out?
or you contact with your ConnectPort serial number for help.