ConnectPort-TS-16 doesn't work when it connects to multiple routers

  1. “” is configured on the Ethernet port of ConnectPort-TS-16
  2. One serial port with “Console Management profile” on ConnectPort-TS-16 is connected to a Cisco router
  3. This Cisco router can be accessed remotely by “telnet 2001”
  4. Then I connect another Cisco Router to another serial port with “Console Management profile” on ConnectPort-TS-16
  5. Once ConnectPort-TS-16 is connected to the second router, the first router can’t be accessed and the second router also can’t be accessed. In this point, ConnectPort-TS-16 doesn’t work.

In this case, It seems that ConnectPort-TS-16 only allow one router to be accessed in the same time via “Console Management profile”.

I am not sure what causes this issue.

(Because the special cable is required for the connection between ConnectPort-TS-16 and Router, I manually made some cables. Hand-made cable may cause this issue? but I test the cables one by one, if only one cable is used to connect ConnectPort-TS-16 and one router, the ConnectPort-TS-16 works.)