ConnectPort X2 SE Starter Kit - what about test/production certificate?

I’m getting started with the connectPort X2 for Smart Energy Starter kit, but I have some questions about test/production certificates:

  1. Are there any certificates already provided with the gateway or the USB XStick SE?

  2. The documentation said the gateway is pre-loaded with production certificate but I see nothing in the “X.509 Certificate and Key Management” menu on the gateway web interface, how can I check that?

  3. In the IPD/Meter demo, where can I find the file for the certificate?

  4. Do we have to get the test certificate for the gateway and the XStick from certicom by ourself? how much does it cost?

Thanks for your response

  1. Yes, the gateway will come loaded with a production certificate. I don’t believe the XStick will come loaded with any certificates, but the kit will come with complete instructions on how to install.

  2. The Smart Energy certificate is different than the certificate you mention. Currently, there is no way to tell what type of certificate is loaded on the gateway. I believe there is only an indicator stating whether or not a certificate is loaded (not what type). To find out if a certificate is loaded or not, you can query the VC parameter. There was talk about providing some type of way to determine the type of certificate loaded, but to my knowledge, this has not yet been added. (I’m sure someone else in the forum will be able to correct/update me if I’m wrong on that!)

  3. I’m not exactly sure what file you’re talking about in the Meter demo, or if there is one where it would be located. Usually, if you want to obtain a certificate for another device, or change types of certificates for a particular device, you must do this through Certicom ( The certificate is tied to the address of the XBee radio you are installing it on.

  4. Yes, you get the certificates through Certicom - they are free of charge. There are FAQs on their website which explains how to fill out a request for a certificate, as well as other posts on this forum with help.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!


Thanks for your response Nathan.

I registered on Certicom for the test certificate last week, but I didn’t receive any confirmation about my account to be activate. I tried to login with my username and password but my account seem to be inactive…

Do you know how much time it will take to get my active account from Certicom? without that I cannot create my the test certificates… What should I do?


It took a while for them to activate my account. If I remember correctly, you apply for an account and then someone from the Certicom team has to send you an email that you respond to with “I confirm”, to confirm your email address.

Sometimes this doesn’t take long at all - I guess it depends on how soon they get to your request.

I would send an email to Certicom if it has been a while, just to see that they received your request.