Can a hobbyist get a single XBee SE certificate (e.g. for connecting their own SmartMeter)?

i see you can get a test certificate, but as i understand it, those won’t work to connect to a real SmartMeter (PG&E’s in my case).

getting a real certificate appears to involve a lot of hoops (which makes sense if you’re selling a product, but less if you’re a hobbyist)

alternately, does someone make a device containing a XBee SE with a certificate that is configured to be an “in-premise display device” with a serial/USB/etc interface so i can see what my meter is saying?

You can try using the Connect Port X2 for Smart Energy located at

Then you can try using our In Primes display beta software on the old http:\\smart-energy site.

This would be your best course of action after you first call your Energy Company and verify that they will allow these devices on the network. Otherwise you will not be able to get them to associate with the meter without their help and approval.

Oh and no a test certificate device will not communicate with a production level certificate device. You also can’t get a Production level certificate till the device has been Certified.

Does the Connect Port X2 have a production certificate? If not, it won’t be able to connect to PG&E’s SmartMeter, right?

PG&E says (on ) that “Compatible energy monitoring devices must support ZigBee communications and be Smart Energy Profile 1.0 or 1.1 certified.” and they list some supported devices on , but only the looks like what i’d want and even that doesn’t appear to have a simple data-out.

The Connect Port X2e For Smart Energy (X2E-Z1R-E1-A ) is a Production level device and as such, has a Production level certificate already installed. You can then use the beta software I referred to, to connect to the XBee module in the gateway and collect the data (some configuration will be needed)

thanks! i’ll try that.

so the SmartMeter will act as the coordinator (like the “X2E-Z1C-E1-A” would) and the “X2E-Z1R-E1-A” is a router allowing things on the LAN to communicate with the SmartMeter via ethernet?

That is correct.

Thanks! The distinction between the Router and Coordinator X2e devices is subtle (one letter in the model number!), so i wanted to be sure i understood which to get.

Is there any security between the Router and things on the ethernet that want to talk to the SEP 1.1 network? (Hoping “no”.)

Also, just to be sure – the Router will allow things on the ethernet to talk to the SmartMeter without an Internet connection, right?

Reading the description at , it looks like the Router is only programmed to talk to Digi Device Cloud. And the description on the Digi wiki – – seems to imply that all the interesting local programming (python, etc) available on the ZB version is unavailable on the SE version. (also, “The X2e SE cannot be used for development purposes”.) Am i understanding that right?

I don’t recall if there is any Security on the Ethernet side of it.

Yes that is correct. It is not a developmental level product. It is a production level device which is what you need to talk to a Production level Meter.

Any data sent over the Ethernet port to the RF port will be addressed by the XBee module and its firmware to meet the SE 1.0 and 1.1 specifications. That is providing you send it to it in the correct order.