ConnectPort X4 and XBee Configuration - Node Type stay router

I new in Xbee.

  1. I get at “XBee Configuration” at ConnectPort X4, a Node Type = router ( the internal Xbee module ) even after I did "Restore factory default settings " at "XBee Configuration " - "Reset Device "/
    How to Change it again to Coordinator?

2)I try at the “Advanced Settings” - “Coordinator enable (CE)” to set to 1 Instead of zero but I got "A problem occurred saving settings:

  • Not supported on device (coord_enable)"/
    Why? ( where I can get the help for that settings?)

I bought the Cloud Kit. I want to Configure the Connect Port Like the gateway kit but I find that there is a lot of difference in the setting menu.
Why that?


Which XBee Gateway and modules do you have? What is the firmware version installed on the XBee module in the gateway?