connectport X4 xbee no network address

I am just a beginner. I have a connectport X4 with xbee pro 900 digimesh and two xbee pro 900 digimesh radios and arduino shields to power them. At the get go, I was able to send messages between the two radios. Once I configured my X4, I wanted my radios to talk with the X4. I looked under X4 xbee network tab and the X4’s own xbee module has empty network address and can’t find the other two modules. The PAN ID are the same 7fff in all of them. I did ATND on one of the xbee radio modules and only discovered the other radio module, but not the X4’s xbee radio. Any help is appreciated! Both radio modules are using broadcast address as DL (FFFF).

OK I called digi and got excellent support from them. It turns out the X4 has the 900MHz radio but the xbee radio modules are 900MHz HP, the newest one that are so new that no X4 has corresponding radio to talk to them. I partially blame digi for including “Not recommend for new product” on the current 900MHz radio modules and a link to the HP modules so I got the wrong radio modules. Thanks to the tech support, I flashed DM firmware to a third radio I got from that is not HP. Now this radio can talk with the X4 and use the XIG, which is awesome. I can connect to the internet using xbees. The digimesh seems to need no network address. They are themselves routers anyway.