Console authentication not working through Digi Connect SP

Hardware: Digi Connect SP
DIP switch config: EIA-232
Operating System: Server 2016

I am having an issue with authentication through Realport to my serial console. I set up Realport on a server in the same vlan as my device, and after installation of the device and of Realport, I am getting good output to my putty session using serial (baud 9600). When the prompt comes up for login to my console session however, login is failing before I type anything. It’s as if text is being entered continuously trying to log in, and it is locking out my console connection for too many failed attempts. The text it appears to be entering is “(B” over and over.

Is there a setting in the Realport/Digi Connect SP setup that would be doing this? I have checked that I have the correct baud rate and DIP switch config for this console port with the device vendor, and I have no issues when directly connecting to the console port.


This issue turned out to be related to the DIP switch configuration after all. The vendor gave me incorrect information on the protocol that needed to be used, and as a result, the connection was adding garbage data in my authentication screen.

Once the correct DIP switch configuration was set, the authentication screen worked as intended.