console cable & settings for Connect ES

Hi all - I’m in a pickle here. I have an 8-port Connect ES termserver, and a few weeks back I got it to talk to my PC serial port ok - got the root prompt and was able to configure it (network settings - IP address, all that). I’m pretty positive I used the cable & adapter that came in the box. Now I can’t get it to talk at all, using the same cable & PC. I don’t see any way to reset this thing to factory defaults, either, the way you can with Digi’s other termservers. Anyone have any experiece with this? I’ve tried multiple serial ports.

many thanks!


“Now I can’t get it to talk at all, using the same cable & PC”

How did you configure the serial port when you still had access to the built-in login prompt? If a setting such as device type of Printer or Realport was made for the serial ports, this turns off the built-in login and instead puts the port in a passive mode for use with the Realport driver, console management applications, etc. This might explain why you’re no longer seeing login.

As far as the hardware factory reset switch, you’ll need an unbent paperclip or something to access this. The hole which you’d put this unbent paperclip through can be found near the Ethernet connector of the unit, and is marked with sort of a u-turn arrow looking symbol. Please refer to the Hardware or User’s Guides for details.

Thanks! That did the trick. I’d looked on the termserver for a button or hole or something like that, and I’d seen the little dot near the arrow, but it looked like a paint dot instead of an actual hole. :slight_smile: