converting of at mode to api mode

hi folks,
i am the beginner the zigbee technology. can u please guide me how to change the zigbee from AT mode to the API mode.can u name some major differences between the 2 modes.

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In 802.15.4, to change the radio into API mode, you simpply set the AP parameter to 1 (or 2).

The product manual has the most complete description on how to compose and interpret API packets, but here is a quick API example you can use with your radios:

thank u gworle for u r reply.

i bought a development board with the LM35 module which acts as an temperature sensor and connected to a zigbee board. i connected through the board through serial port and loaded the firmware along with the pins which are set to ADC2.

i’m struct with that. now i need to work with that board.can u help me in this issue please.

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hi gworle,

the main aim of the project is to send/receive the temperature information from the remote area in which a zigbee is placed.

i had set one zigbee as coordinator and the other zigbee as the router/end device. now i need to transfer the received information from the sensor(LM35)which is of analog signal to the end device.
can u help me in the parameter settings of the radio so that i can transmit/receive the signal.

hi waltr
u r correct.
i had zigbee sereies 2 modules with XB-24 ROUTER/END DEVICE
firmware loaded in one module and zibee end device firmware loaded to the another module.
can u help me in this situation how to proceed?
thanks in advance

i don’t know anytihng about your board that you are connecting the radio to, but I can help with the radio portion of things.

Please let me know what you need.

Your explanation is a little confusing and lacking in details but I’ll make some assumptions.

Your set-up as I understand it:
You have an ZigBee coordinator connected to your PC as the data collection node.
You have an LM35 temperature sensor connected to an analog pin of an ZigBee end device.
You want to read the temperature of the end device sensor from the coordinator on your PC.
Is this correct?

Now you post this in the 802.15.4 forum but you say you have ZigBee devices. This can not be as a XBee running 802.15.4 firmware is a series 1 module whereas ZigBee firmware can only be loaded on a series 2 module. Also an 802.15.4 protocol does not have coordinator/router/end device firmware.

Please tell us what firmware versions are in your modules. This makes a big difference as to how the parameters are set-up and how the data is transferred to the PC.

Ok, a couple of points first:

  1. A ZB end device will always have a sleep period. When the device is asleep it will not ‘hear’ a request for data. However, it can be setup to wake periodically and send data.
  2. The analog inputs on the ZB modules can only measure 0 to 1.20 be sure that your temperature sensor does not exceed this voltage range.

Typically a ZB network requires a coordinator but if you only have two RF devices I think it may still work with only a Router and an End Device. If not then you will need to reprogram one of your devices with coordinator firmware.
DIGI Admin: is this correct?

I hope you have downloaded the 90000976_D.pdf document. This is where you will find all the details.

You still haven’t told us exactly what firmware is in your ZB modules. Look on the first page of the 90000976_D.pdf document for the six possible firmware versions. My guess is that your firmware is 2241 and 2841 but it may not be. This makes a difference as that data can be in two different formats, AT or API.

The basics to get the temperature measurement from the end device to the router the 64-bit destination address in the end device (resisters DH, DL) must be set to the 64-bit address of the Router (registers SH, SL).
The pin the temperature sensor is connected to must be set for analog input (see chapters 8 and 10).
Then the sleep cycle timing needs to be set o that the device wakes, measures the analog input and sends the data to the device in DH/DL.

Here is a link to the SparkFun forum thread with links to XBee info:
Lots of good tidbits for you to read.

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Also look at this thread:,62#166

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