Coordinator Configuration

Dear all.

Currently, I’m doing a project using XBees.
I have an End Device (Role:Transmitter) which keep sending packets to 5 End Devices(Role1:Receiver, Role2:Transmitter) using Boradcast.
However, after receiving the packets, 5 of the End Devices will switch their role as Receiver to Transmitter in order to send the data in real time to Coordinator.
I faced the problem on configure the coordinator. What should I do so that the coordinator can get all the data from all the 5 end devices ?
Noted that 5 of the end devices and coordinator are working together with Arduino.

If you are using some module in middle to just pass on data from Origin to destination node, then you can keep all this setup simple by using DigiMesh firmware and setting up destination addressing parameter on origin node.