Correct cable to use between Juniper device and TS8?

We have a variety of Juniper devices. All of them ship with a piece of Cat 5e and a modular to DB9 adapter for console access (which works fine from a laptop).

For a few of the Junipers, we bought a couple of TS 8s so we could get to the console (over a different network, before you ask :-)).

What cable do I need? Straight through Ethernet doesn’t seem to do the trick ASSUMING I have the port on the Digi set correctly. Currently set for “Console Management” in the GUI and 9600 8-N-1 (default, which is right for the Juniper end).

So do I need a different cable (an Ethernet crossover didn’t work either) or am I set wrong on the TS8 end? Network part works and I can get in via SSH which will be the usual method.

It is my understanding Juniper consoles use the same pin-outs as Cisco: