Crazy Xctu...


I am new to Xbee. I recently brought the programmable xbee(model: XBP24BZ7B-DK) for research purpose. I have successfully loaded bootloader into my Xbee chip. however, when i try to enter bypass mode in XCTU, i got the bootloader menu but it keep printing on my screen and won’t stop. Anyone has any idea what’s wrong?

I don’t know much about it though I guess it holds the loop back setting if you have tried radio range test. It’s just my guess.

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Thanks for replaying, is there any way i can bypass the looping thing? Thanks


Hi temperlancer. It’s a quite strange error. Is the bootloader responding to other option appart from B? (Like reset or version) or it just don’t let you put any option?

Is this a modified bootloader?

Hello again, temperlancer. Yesterday I remembered this post because the bootloader kept doing that loop, it was the P8 (loop-back) jumper that was not removed.