Create repeater to recive ,and send data to a gateway ,and all End Device (Xbee-PRO 900HP (S3B) modules)

I have a proyect with 4 XBee PRO 900HP (S3B). In transparent mode ,because i’m using an ESP32 for change datas.

1.- Gateway (Coordinator).
CE: Indirect Msg Coordinator [1]
DH: 0
SM: 0
2.- Repeater.
CE: Standard Router [0]
DH: 0
SM: 0
3.- End Device 1.
CE: Non-Routing Poller [6]
DH, DL: MAC address of Gateway
SM: 0
4.- End Device 2.
CE: Non-Routing Poller [6]
DH, DL: MAC address of Gateway
SM: 0

I used only the Gateway and the End Device’s ,and there work. But i installed the End device in remote places. I only recive one of them, and the other is too far. I found information in this forum for the repeater configuration ,and no one work. I installed the repeater on the middle of the modules. Can someone tell me how to configure properly the repeater for recive data from the gateway to end devices, and the other way?

Like this:

Gateway <_____> Repeater <_____> End Devices.

CE needs to be changed to Mesh.

If i change de CE, there’s another change that i need?

Not that I am seeing from the above.

I need to change the CE for all the modules?

Only for the devices that you want to function as a router.

The option are.

  • Standard Router [0].
  • Indirect Msg Coordinator [1].
  • Non-Routing Module [2].
  • Non-Routing Coordinator[3].
  • Indirect Msg Poller [4].
  • N/A [5].
  • Non-Routing Poler[6].

I chose the [0]. which one do you think is correct?

Any node you wan to act as a router, you would set to 0. If you do not want the module to act as a router, then you use 2. Except for the Coordinator.

I use that, and it’s not working


I would suggest you submit a case for this issue.

How can i do it? i’m new in tis Forum

Create an account at and log in. On the left, click on Cases and Create a new case.