Creating a ZB network (beginner user)


I’m a beginner in ZB networking and already have a project to develop.

I’ve tried to first create a network between a Digi XBee Analog I/O Adapter and a XBP24-ZB (Zigbee router AT - v. 2264), without a gateway. I’m using X-CTU for discovering the nodes.

The problem is that I don’t have the AT configuration of the adapter (Channel, PAN ID, DH+DL) and I can’t discover this node in the network. I know that my router is working, but I don’t even know if it is awake waiting for nodes to connect.

Does anyone has any idea on how I could establish it? Or, suggestions of manuals?

Thank you.

You can form a network between ZigBee adapter and ZigBee radio which is connected to PC. Set PAN ID to some unique value for radio using X-CTU, and SC to maximum to scan all channels. Now issue ND command which discovers the nodes associated with the radio.
Once you find the adapter is associated to radio then through Remote Configuration you can access the adapter parameters.